Wooden hardwood flooring company

David LaPorte Old Country is a Calgary hardwood flooring company that has developed rigorous internal standards over the years which meet NWFA requirements and guarantee our customers the highest possible quality product. Our commitment to our customers is to ensure a high level of selection, efficient service, and premium hardwoods for which we have earned our reputation. Old Country Hardwood Flooring offers a wide selection of contemporary and exotic hardwood flooring products. Installation and refinishing are our specialties.


David LaPorte **The owner and manager of Old Country Hardwood Flooring, David A. LaPorte, is a craftsman in the wooden hardwood flooring company industry for 24 years.** With a hands-on and heads-up approach, David has built a successful award-winning business respected throughout the hardwood flooring industry. Old Country Hardwood Flooring began operations in May of 1988. We utilize only the most highly trained professionals in the hardwood flooring business. Our professionals are always attentive to customer needs … the job is only done when it is done right … always to your satisfaction.

Our clients also enjoy the great selection from our sources of different species, grades and thickness of hardwood from international sources. Old Country Hardwood Flooring obtains its wood from some of the most reliable supplies of North America that are known for their high-quality hardwoods and are members of NWFA. These are transported and warehoused under ideal climatic conditions. North American wooden hardwood floors are sought after for their high density, resistance, and beauty. We offer comprehensive packages to meet every builder’s needs. We guarantee our full service orientation to sales, service and installation of quality hardwood flooring. Old Country Hardwood Flooring is a member of the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA), the governing body for the industry worldwide as well as of the Better Business Bureau.


The greatest satisfaction for us at Old Country Hardwood Flooring, after completing a job to our satisfaction, is a satisfied and happy client.


I LOVE you guys! I can’t believe how easy this was. And my floors are the envy of many friends. Thank you!

Barb Klaudt.

I must say that I’ve never seen any one as pleasant, forthcoming and prompt. You answered all my questions to my satisfaction and I am enjoying my new floors for a long time. Thank you

Timothy Southard.

I am very pleased to have selected Old Country Flooring to install my hardwood floors. I am spending a lot of time admiring my floors.

Amina Shah.

I love my floors. And you were right; my daughter does not suffer from any allergies any more.

H. Crane.

I am excited because the value of my house has increased considerably. And it looks GREAT! Thank you.

Jim Mueller.